Updated: October 2009 with "How to email your screenshots."
Taking/Storing Screenshots Resolved on Bits from Bill Taking Screenshots on your XO
Excellent illustrated step-by-step instructions on taking a screenshot and moving it to USB or SD-card.
Taking screenshot Keycode: Alt+1

Press and hold the ◊alt key (bottom left) and then press and release the 1 key. Release ◊alt key.

FYI: It is a png file and it is located in /home/olpc/isolation/1/uid_to_home_dir/10003/tmp  (Not sure that always 10003.)
Copying to SD or USB flash Go to Journal. It is listed as top Screenshot - it is in png format. Put in an SD card or USB thumbdrive. Plug in a mouse (or you will start swearing).
Click and drag "screenshot" onto SD card/USB thumbdrive image (bottom left).
To email screenshot with gmail.com Open browser with your gmail account. Click on Compose mail (to start new email letter). Click on Attach. Click in the field for typing address of image (to the right of the paperclip). A small copy of Journal will open and you will see screenshot(s). Click on desired screenshot. It will be attached. Repeat for more than one screenshot and then continue with composition/sending as usual.
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