Issue: Using Scratch in Macedonian on the XO Laptop.

Scratch in Macedonian - In Brief

  • Scratch is translated into Macedonian (my team!).
  • Scratch supports cyrillic (Scratch 1.3 is UTF-8 enabled).
So Scratch itself can be run in Macedonian and
Скреч за македонци is my webpage (under construction) with directions for using Scratch in Macedonian.

XO Laptop in Macedonian - In Brief

  • Multi-language support on the XO including Macedonian is enabled (Release 8.2 of the XO Laptop firmware).
  • There is only a partial translation of the XO interface into Macedonian.
  • Unfortunately, I still cannot understand how to make input of cyrillic possible on the XO.

Scratch on the XO in Macedonian

  • Scratch is a built-in activity (Release 8.2 of the XO Laptop firmware).
  • Scratch is automatically updated with software updates.
  • Scratch version 13 is now available (Dec 2008).
Some images from my XO
Issues not tested: Font problems in Scratch on the XO

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