These are issues I care about :) and this page is continually updated.
I got an XO Laptop as part of a project in July 2008. At the time, I had 5 minutes experience with Linux. But I turned it on and got it to connect to an encrypted wireless. So I said to myself - instead of hauling around my huge laptop (okay - it is a very nice IBM Thinkpad, but it is still heavy) and working on this wiki - I will just take my XO around and work on this wiki. Except ...!

A couple of remarks.

  1. Much of the XO Laptop Help assumes either you are a 2-year old or you are a Debian/Linux expert - NOTHING in between (getting better-Dec.2008)
  2. So my goal here is to provide help or links to help that are written so a normal person can work it out.
Issue Status Link Comments
Installing ttf fonts Resolved Installing ttf fonts on XO User can now access pages with jsmath.
User can now access pages with "lean" pdfs - i.e. pdfs with non-embedded fonts.
User can now read page written in local-language ttf fonts.
Taking/Storing Screenshots Resolved on

Bits from Bill

Taking Screenshots on your XO User can take screenshots of current screen

Not thoroughly tested.

Run Java Applets Partial Success! In mid-November 2008, I upgraded to latest xo firmware 8.2.

From the directions on:
Then I ran from Terminal: sudo yum -y install java-1.6.0-openjdk-plugin

The instructions/information given on all known links both in/out of olpc tested and retested. No go! (Oct 2008)

User cannot run online GeoGebra  (grey block)
User can run online Scratch!
User cannot screencasts with TOC

Says: rainbow-daemon at the top and locks up or loses color. Nov.2008
Finally got it to work but color is off and no sound. Dec.2008

Multi-Language Keyboards -

Installing and Switching

Unresolved All known links tested; must download latest version of firmware ...

Personally I want to install MK (cyrillic) keyboard and be able to switch between MK and US easily

User cannot type in multiple languages and/or alphabets and easily switch between keyboards

User cannot do online editing of wiki pages requiring more than one input language

Scroll Bar Browser Unresolved Cannot access scroll bar at right in browser. Have to remember to use arrow keys on monitor. Pain in the ass.
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