Problem: How do I download the latest version of software for my XO?

Details: You want to update the build or firmware on your XO.

In short - with active Internet connection:
1. Activity: Browse the webpage
     Scroll down to: What version is available?. Write down the build number (e.g. November 2008 it was 767.)
2. Activity: Terminal -> At prompt type: sudo olpc-update build number and hit enter.
Step-by-Step - Updating a 2007 XO box with Internet connected

My XO was from 2007/2008 "Give 1 - Get 1 so the firmware was old (Activity menu at bottom of the screen).

   I did an upgrade on 19 November 2008. At that time the latest release was Release 8.2.
   I followed steps from
       Scrolled down to: If your XO is connected to the internet
The upgrade was successful - with a few slight hiccups. See details and log
1. Activated Terminal   See directions
a. Moved mouse pointer to lower right hand corner of my screen; Long list of icons appears (activities menu).
b. Clicked on right-arrow button (at right) to get second list of activities; you should see
c. Clicked on this icon to start Terminal Activity. Cursor is in search field at top.
2. Became a root in terminal.   See directions
a.Clicked next to the [] below.
b.Typed su - and hit Enter. The prompt changed to -bash-3.2#
3. At the -bash-3.2# prompt, I typed: olpc-update 767 and hit Enter

This is what I saw:

Downloading contents of build 767.
Updating to version hash 60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a
Making clean /versions/updates/60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a
Trying irsync_pristine update from rsync://
 - Cleaning tree.
 - Fetching contents.
 - Performing incremental rsync
I waited ~10 minutes. Then this is what I saw:
rsync: failed to open “/versions/updates/60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a/usr/sbin/udevmonitor”, continuing: No such file or directory (2)
rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(1385) [generator=2.6.9]
Update failed: Command ‘[‘/usr/bin/rsync’, ‘-a0yz’,  ‘--no-r’, ‘--dirs’, ‘-l’, -‘c’, ‘--delete’, ‘--numeric-ids’, ‘--no-whole-file’, ‘rsync://’, ‘/versions/updates/60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a/usr/sbin’]’ returned non-zero exit status 23
Trying irsync_dirty update from rsync:// 
- Creating contents for existing tree.
 - Fetching contents for update tree.
 - Performing incremental rsync
I waited ~20 minutes. Then this is what I saw:
Verifying update.
I waited ~10 minutes. Then this is what I saw:
Installing update in /versions/{pristine,run}/60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a
This is the prompt. Following directions I typed: reboot and hit enter.
It went to shutdown mode. I got a blackscreen and then 3-4 lines of text.
   The last line was: The system is going down for reboot NOW!
It rebooted and Software Update screen came up, but since XO did not automatically re-connect to internet, it obviously couldn’t update.
4. Finally figured out I had to cancel from there.
Got a “new screen” with 8 big icons on it. (This will be the "Control Panel", but at the time I didn't know this.)
Could not connect to internet via the nework icon (first icon).
I didn't want to close this menu as I didn't know where it came from, but couldn't get any menus to appear.
5. Finally closed screen (clicked x mark in top right corner) and got "Home" but only with an X in the middle.
No menus or activities were available with mouse.
6. Finally did fn+1 and got to Neighborhood and re-connected
Why the heck can’t the purple dot be in the same place every time??
Cannot find “new screen”; no activities menu available anywhere; tried all the functions, nothing.
7. Finally decide to shutdown. Roll mouse over X and see new option: Control Panel !
   Click on Control Panel and "new screen" appears.
A little forwarning might be nice!!! E.G. On the updater page, MENTION the Control Panel and put a link:
After successful installing firmware and rebooting...must do Software Updates.
Go to Control Panel. Click on Software Update. Chose "Install ...". Restarted XO. See log
Click on Software Update; wait ~10 minutes; Chose "Install ...", wait ~20 minutes.
Now – I still couldn’t get ANY menu with Activities no matter what I pressed (function keys) or where I sent my mouse.
So I went back to the control panel. I decided to try changing the language (to Macedonian) just to see what would happen.
LUCKILY, this required a restart.
Now I got the circle of Activities! So after installing the software updates, another restart is required!
Final Notes
  • Update erased my jsMath fonts so I must re-install them - see Fonts.
  • I still don't see how to switch between character sets.
  • Java applets still don't work - see Issues except Scratch applets are working - see ScratchApplets
  • Flash objects (youtube, mathcasts,...) not working. Now working - see Flash.

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