Problem: How do I know what version I am running on my XO??

Details: You want to know the serial number and/or build and firmware your XO is running.

You must have Release 8.2.0 installed on your XO - see: Download Firmware.
1. Turn on your XO, go to Home and open the Control Panel, See directions
1. Go to home menu - see: Navigation
2. Roll your mouse over X in the middle and wait. Menu will appear. See image
3. Click on Control Panel. Control Panel will appear. See image
2. Click on About my XO    
3. You will get a window with the serial number and the build/firmware. See image
Here is what I got in November 2008 (just after upgrading to Release 8.2.0)


Response from mailto: Yeah!
Now - I went here and it says if you have Release 8.2.0 (supposedly after September 2008), then you can determine which build and firmware your XO is running.
I just upgraded (19 November 2008) and will soon upgrade this page. Done!

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