Click and drag the sliders to set the cars speed and starting position.

Then click on the animation buttons:   
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Sample question for Level: Algebra 1
Problem:  Set RED CAR: Speed=15km/h and Start=24km and

                      BLUE CAR: Start=0km.

Question: If the cars meet in 4 hours, what is SPEED of BLUE CAR?
   Use the activity to find your answer and then talk about the math.
Answer A: Using the activity.
  • Set the 3 sliders.
  • Think about what it means to "meet in 4 hours".
  • Find t=4 on the horizontal axis.
  • Move the 4th slider (speed of blue car) until the lines intersect above t=4.
  • See that the slider is at 21km/h.
Answer B: Thinking about the math.
  • Thinking: blue car has to "catch up" 24 km in 4 hours.
  • This means it must go 24km/4h=6km/h faster than red car.
  • The speed of red car is 15km/h.
  • So the speed of blue car is 15km/h+6km/h=21km/h.

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