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I.Bineli - Tuscon Unified School District, Tucson, AZ USA

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Tool Name Car Race Activity
Brief User sets starting position and speed of two cars, runs simulation and views graph.
Goal Understanding Distance, Speed and Time (and Slopes, Linear Functions)
Grade 6-9 (6th grade, 7th grade, pre-algebra, algebra)
Strand Algebra and Functions, Algebra
Standard CA 6.AF.2.3, CA 7.AF.4.2, IS 1.AL.2.4, ACT EE 24-27, ACT GR 24-27
Keywords distance, speed, time, runners, slope, linear functions, simulation, applet  
Comments Suitable for 6th-grade on up
Source I.Bineli - Tuscon Unified School District, USA
Discussion Not copyrighted or restricted: 28 August 2008
Cost Freeware
Download To use offline, download and unzip (includes html, swf applet and animated gif)
Then, double-click on car_race.html. How do I do all this?
Type Java Applet so requires free sunJava player

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