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Tool Name Balloon Booth or Scale N' Pop
Brief User sets scale, releases balloon, judges whether a smaller or larger scale is required and repeats until balloon pops.
Goal Understanding and Ordering Fractions and Decimals
Grade 4-10 (4th grade - 10th grade)
Strand Number Sense, Geometry (bisection)
Standard CA 4.NS.1.0, ACT NS 24-27 CA Geometry 16.0
Keywords fractions, decimals, comparing, bisection, simulation, applet  
Comments Currently only three booths available with reasonable answers so suitable for 4th-grade on up. In my opinion (LFS), algorithm for logically finding answer is suitable for 9th grade and up (bisection).
Source MathForum POW (Problems of the Week)
Discussion Math Forum @ Drexel - MathTools:
Cost Freeware  
Download Online only:
Type Java Applet so requires free sunJava player

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