Number Sense - Number Sense with GeoGebra on Math247
Algebra and Functions
Lines and DST: Runners Activity Worksheets
Format Online Worksheets, Classroom Handouts, Mathcasts, Animations using Runners Activity
Tool Runner Activity: User sets starting position, direction and step size of one or two runners, runs simulation and views graph.
Goal Understanding Distance, Speed and Time and then Slopes, Linear Functions
Grade 6-9 (6th grade, 7th grade, pre-algebra, algebra)
Strand Algebra and Functions, Algebra
Standard CA 6.AF.2.3, CA 7.AF.4.2, IS 1.AL.2.4, ACT EE 24-27, ACT GR 24-27
Keywords distance, speed, time, runners, slope, linear functions, simulation, applet
Measurement and Geometry
Length: Ladybug Walks the Width
Angles: Measure & Draw Angles with GeoGebra
Brief User generates random angle, measures or draws with movable protractor and checks answer.
Grade 5
Strand Measurement and Geometry
Standard CA 5.MG.2.1
Keywords measure, angle, protractor, draw, dynamic, freeware, applet, offline, online
Comments Interactivity is suitable any time after the idea of angles and degrees has been introduced.
Go! Measure & Draw Angles with GeoGebra
Areas and Perimeters: Perimeters & Areas of Rectangles
Brief User makes rectangles, calculates perimeter or area and checks answer.
Grade 4
Strand Measurement and Geometry MG at Math247
Standard CA 4.MG.1.4
Keywords measure, geometry, rectangle, area, perimeter, dynamic, freeware, applet, offline, online
Comments Activity is suitable any time after the idea of rectangle, perimeter and/or area has been introduced. Watch the animation to see how to use it!
Go! Perimeters & Areas of Rectangles
Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability
Mathematical Reasoning
Algebra 1
Lines: Slopes and Linear Functions
Brief User generates line and then finds slope and y-intercept and then checks answer.
Grade 8-10    (or any time after formula for slope has been introduced)
Strand Algebra 1   Algebra at Math247
Standard CA 1ALG.7 - IS 1AL.2.5
Keywords lines, slope, linear equation, x-intercept, y-intercept
Go! Slopes and Linear Functions
Geometry - Geometry with GeoGebra on Math247
Algebra 2
Trigonometry - Trigonometry with GeoGebra on Math247
Pre-Calculus - Pre-Calculus with GeoGebra on Math247
Probability and Statistics
Matrix Algebra - Vectors and Matrices with GeoGebra on Math247
AP Probability and Statistics
AP Calculus - Calculus with GeoGebra on Math247
Physics - Physics with GeoGebra on Math247


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