Educational Wiki for Mathematics - What do we want?
Basic Property Other considerations Rating (1-5)
Wiki can show real math notation such as jsMath Allows equation editor/mathtype translations 5
Applets can be embedded Mathcasts, GeoGebra, Flash (swf), YouTube   5
Wiki can show real graphs such as ASCIIsvg Graphs   5
Freeware - given existing host site Licensing - with host site at standard rates 4
Wiki allows a wide range of security options   4
Easy to install, maintain   3
Easy to use Allows html code and/or css 3



Educational Wiki for Mathematics - Reviews
Briefly Free, easy to install, has cookbooks for jsMath, ASCHIIsvg,
Ratings (1-5)
Math options - 5 Learning Curve - 3.5 Overall - 4.5
Plus Allows many extra very nice features such as embedding html code, show/hide toggling, extensive css formatting
Minus Minimum support, forum is limited.
Keywords wiki, math, education
Other It is translatable and allows foreign characters
Cost Freeware
Website PmWiki on the Web
Requires Online connection (like all wikis), your own hostsite and some understanding of FTP upload and file manipulation on website
Authors LFS - contact
Date December 2007
Briefly Website hosting with wysiwyg wiki
Ratings (1-5)
Math options - 2 Learning curve - 4.5 Overall - 2.5
Plus Allows embedding, good security options, easy to use with both wysiwyg and html source options
Minus Limited math options
Keywords wiki, math, education
Comments It is easy to use, but even just the options for decent display are limited; math options are severely limited.
Other ?
Cost Site says: Educational wikis are FREE to set up. Premium plans start at $9.95/month.
Website PbWiki on the Web
Requires Online connection (like all wikis)
Authors LFS - contact
Date December 2007




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