Date: 01 January 2008


My server transitioned me to Vdeck 3 and my pmwikis did not work.


Vdeck3 gave me a: 500 server error - I encountered an unrecoverable server error ....

  • The following took care of the 500 server error.

1. I did a backup of my wiki, that is, I ftp copied my whole wiki onto my harddrive as wiki_backup.

2. I downloaded the latest stable version (2.1.27) of pmwiki and unzipped it.

3. I ftp copied it over my installation.

Voila! No 500 server error. My pmwikis work, but ...


But, now everytime I edited a page, I had to enter my username/password and that twice - ARGH!

  • I found this solution on this page - Thank you!

1. I opened my config.php file in the local folder.

2. I added the two lines:

##This line saves the php session in the writable 'scripts' folder - (remembers username/password)


The first line is a comment so I remember why I have this line.
You can put them anywhere after the first line; I added it after my passwords.

Voila! I only had to enter my username/password once on a single browser session .


Now everything seems to work like before the transition to Vdeck3. Hooray!

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