First letters of group and page names

  • Rules of Thumb
    • When linking to a pmwiki page, capitalize the first letter of the group name and the page name. This will always work.
    • All other letters in group or page names are strictly case sensitive to their creation.


  • Actual Rules
    • If you created the group or page using a lowercase first letter, then presumably a lowercase or uppercase letter will work.
    • If you created the group or page using a uppercase first letter, then only the uppercase letter will work.
    • For example, I created this group using the group name PmwikiHelp - so I must remember to always use an uppercase P.  However, I created the page "pagenames" using a lowercase first letter, so presumably I can link using either an uppercase or lowercase P.
      that is supposedly I can link using: PmwikiHelp/Pagenames or PmwikiHelp/pagenames , but NOT pmwikiHelp/pagenames or pmwikiHelp/Pagenames.


Categories and Group and Page Names

  • Unfortunately at this time, I do not see any way to use the Categories feature and get to Page Titles. So if you want to use categories, choose your group and page names well, because that is what a user will see.
  • (There is a way to use the DictIndex feature with Page Titles.)

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