Date: 06 September 2008

This is not about show/hide text.

Problem: I am working on a part of a page and don't want it to be visible until I am done.

Frequently called 'comment text' or 'source comments'.
Solution: Use Conditional markup to hide several lines of text.
1. Before the text you want to hide, add the line: (:if false:)
2. After the text you want to hide, add the line (:ifend:)
(:if false:)
   This text will not be shown to user.
   It can include any code or text. For example:
   * Here is a line that will be bulleted.
   (:showhide init=hide div=div1 lshow="+" lhide="-":) Recipe call.
   (:div1 id=div1 :)
   Any number of lines
   can be included and none of this will
   (:div1end :)
   appear in the generated HTML output that the user sees.


Solution:To hide a single line of text, you can use the special directive (:comment:).

Here is an example:

(:comment Here is a comment on a single line that produces no output:)


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