Okay, I finally understand a bit about headers, footers, menus and groups.
Probably though I won't be able to explain it any better than the pmwiki geeks, but I will try.
However, I am assuming that -since you installed your pmwiki - you have and know how to use an FTP program and so can see the directory of your pmwiki.


Basics of headers, footers and menus

  • Until you change your headers, footers or menus, the pmwiki files for these are
    • in the wikilib.d folder (root of wiki) or
    • if you have a skin, in the wikilib.d folder of your skin
    • For example, for the fixflow skin, the folder is: pub/skins/fixflow/wikilib.d
    • These files have the prefix "Site". For example, Site.PageHeader.


  • When you change them, the pmwiki files for these are then saved in your wiki.d folder. This is a very cool pmwiki feature that allows you to update your skins, but keep your changes since updates never touch your wiki.d folder (this is where all your pages are kept).
    • You can change none, some or all headers, footers and menus for your site. Only those you have changed will show up in your wiki.d folder.


  • Until you create a group headers, footers or menus, pmwiki will default to the "Site" versions.
    • For example, when no group sidebar is defined, the default file for the sidebar menu is: Site.SideBar
    • You can create none, some or all headers, footers and menus for each of your groups.


Names of files for headers, footers and menus

  • All skins
    • PageHeader - actually the header to the left sidebar and contains the site logo.
    • PageFooter - the footer on your page and contains buttons for editing, history, etc.
    • SideBar - this is the left sidebar
  • FixFlow skin (like this site)
    • PageTopMenu - the header on your page and (by default) contains a home button,...
    • PageFootMenu - another footer below PageFooter on your page
    • SideBarFooter - a footer for the left sidebar


To edit headers, footers or menus

  • To edit the Site version:
    • The sidebar menu usually comes with a built-in edit link so all you need to do is click on that.
    • FixFlow has a configure fixflow link to edit all of its menus.
  • follow the directions below for group headers using the group Site.


GROUP headers, footers and menus

  • The existence of a group header, footer or menu will override the default Site version.
  • To create or edit a group header, footer or menu:
    • in the url address after "?n" erase whatever is there and type MyGroupName.MenuName
      • Example: to edit the default PageFooter menu, after ?n type: Site.PageFooter
      • Example: to create or edit the sidebar menu for the group "pmwikiHelp", after ?n type: PmwikiHelp.PageFooter
      • All letters are case sensitive. More about pmwiki pagenames.
    • After the menu opens, click on edit to change it.
  • Notes:
    • Your editing url will look like this: http://yoursitename/yourwikifoldername/pmwiki.php?n=Site.PageFooter?action=edit
    • When you save, it will always save the page in your wiki.d folder.
    • To revert to the default, simply use your ftp to delete this file.
      • Example: To remove a group menu, delete MyGroupName.MenuName
      • Example: To restore the original skin menu, delete Site.MenuName

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