Date: 19 December 2008

Question: How to embed a screencast made with Camtasia Studio in Express Show format


1. Install cookbook swf.php.    Details

  • Download swf.php from pmwiki
  • Upload swf.php (cookbook folder)
  • Change your config.php to include this file and then upload it (local folder)
2. Open your webpage for editing in pmwiki
3. Upload your swf file to the corresponding uploads directory. Return to edit mode.

4. On your pmwiki page input: Attach:filename.swf

  • To fix the width and height use: %width=400px height=320px%Attach:addition2x2.swf
It will stretch/shrink the swf to that size so test it!
(:showhide init=show div=div81 lshow='+' lhide='-':) Watch mathcast of the addition method %%.
(:div81 id=div81 style="margin-left:20px" :)
%width=400px height=320px%Attach:addition2x2.swf

Watch mathcast of the addition method.



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