Assumptions: You have installed the cookbook DictIndex.

For my help about indexing in UTF8 see Indexing in Cyrillic

1. I wanted my index letters from DictIndex to be fancier so I changed the line in the cookbook:



SDV($FPLDictIndexLFmt,"<dt class='dict'>\$IndexLetter</dt>");

and then in my local.css file in the folder /pub/css added the line:

.dict {font-family:"Comic Sans MS", Arial; font-size:1.1em; color:#990000}

Some standard commands but convenient to have written explicitly

2. Let's say that I want to index all the pages in the group "Glossary" on the homepage of this group, that is:

I want an alphabetical list of all the pages in this group, but without a listing of this page itself or of RecentChanges or of the SideBar.
  • I open for editing the group homepage of Glossary, using e.g. http://www.mysitename/mywikiname/pmwiki.php?n=Glossary?action=edit .
  • I type in the line: (:pagelist group=Glossary name=-GroupHome,-RecentChanges,-SideBar fmt=dictindex:)
  • I save the page.

3. To index all the pages in the group "Glossary" starting with the letter "T" (and again without ...), I used the line:

(:pagelist group=Glossary.T* name=-GroupHome,-RecentChanges,-SideBar fmt=dictindex:)



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