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When set to 1 (which is the default), causes (:pagelist:) and (:searchresults:) to exclude listing any pages for which the browser does not currently have read authorization.  Setting this to zero means that read-protected pages can appear in a listing, but can also speed up searches considerably (because page permissions do not need to be checked).


When set to 1, causes PmWiki to maintain a "link and word index" in $PageIndexFile which significantly speeds up categories, backlinks, and searches.


The location of the "page index" file for (:pagelist:), defaults to $WorkDir/.pageindex.


An array of page name patterns to be required or excluded from search and pagelist results.  In order to be included in a search listing or page listing, a page's name must not match any pattern that is delimited by exclamation points (!) and must match all other patterns.  See Cookbook:SearchPatterns.

        # Limit all searches to Main group
        $SearchPatterns(:cell PQA(PSS('default'):)(:cell PQA(PSS():) = '/^Main\\./';
        # Exclude the Main group from search results
        $SearchPatterns(:cell PQA(PSS('default'):)(:cell PQA(PSS():) = '!^Main\\.!';
        # Exclude RecentChanges pages from search results
        $SearchPatterns(:cell PQA(PSS('default'):)(:cell PQA(PSS():) = '!\\.(All)?RecentChanges$!';


The page to be used to format search results for ?action=search (unless the current page has a "searchresults" directive in it).  This variable can be an array, in which case the first page found from the array is used.

        # Use Search page in current group if it exists, otherwise use Site.Search
        $PageSearchForm = array('$Group.Search', '$[$SiteGroup/Search]');


The pages to be searched for a pagelist template specified by a fmt=#xyz parameter.  Defaults to searching Site.LocalTemplates and Site.PageListTemplates, but can be customized to look in other pages.

        # Search a Group.Templates page as well as the Site templates $FPLTemplatePageFmt = array( '{$Group}.Templates', '{$SiteGroup}.LocalTemplates', '{$SiteGroup}.PageListTemplates');



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