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DST Simulation and Linear Relationships
Level: 5-6th grade (linear relationships)
Goal Move from interesting simulation to basic linear relation tools:

Making a table of values, Learning about labeling, Graphing points, Scaling graphs

When When studying linear relationships
Format: Mathcast
Size: Time: 6min, Filesize: 3 MB
Requires: Flash Player and JavaSun Player
Offline: Zip of 10 files (3.1 MB)
Strand Algebra and Functions, Algebra
Standard CA 6.AF.2.3, CA 7.AF.4.2, IS 1.AL.2.4, ACT EE 24-27, ACT GR 24-27
Keywords distance, speed, time, runners, slope, linear functions, simulation, applet  
Author: Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska

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