My thanks to all who match their dream of math teachers teaching thinking with free tools with actions - sharing their expertise and thoughts, their willingness to try new things and have meaningful discussions - all of the things that make great teachers and this over oceans and time zones ...


Such an inspiration to me - a new lease on life!


In particular, my thanks always to


  • Tim Fahlberg (mathcast pioneer - ultimate tool for using technology to teach math thinking)




  • Rev. Graeme MacNeil (for all his support and for getting me started with internet communication)
  • Robert Fant (for his continuing collaboration and for getting me started on geogebra, pmwiki, etc.)




  • Markus Hohenwarter (geogebra author) and Bernadette Gotthardt
  • Cynthia Lainus and so many others from the
  • Math Forum @ Drexel
  • Pavel Safronov (geoboard) and George Reese (mste of uiuc)


and many, many others.


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