Given: A line segment with start point A and a line with point P on it.
Goal:   Construct a on this line with start point P.
Note:  This InterActivity uses the GeoGebra Compass tool - release 3.2!

           (Congruent: the lengths of the segments are equal).

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Interactivity: Copy a line segment   Directions for Interactivity

Go for it! Construct a line segment and a line and then copy the line segment onto the line.

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Global Compass and Straightedge Constructions with GeoGebra
Brief Construction #1: Copy a line segment (onto a line)
Grade 5th-Geometry
Strand Measurement and Geometry, Geometry
Standards CA 5.MG.2.7 - CA 7.MG.3.1 - CA Geometry 16.0
Keywords construction, straightedge, compass, ruler, geogebra, geometry, segment, copy
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Resource updated: 25 May 2009

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