Definition: The Cartesian Coordinate System is the rectangular system of locating points in the plane.  

Rule: A point (x,y) is located by finding its horizontal x-coordinate and its vertical y-coordinate.

Animated InterActivity for Locating Points in the First and then in the Four Quadrants


Screencast for Graphing (soundless)

Screencast for Identify (soundless)

InterActivity 1 Animation in First Quadrant
InterActivity 2 Graphing in First Quadrant
InterActivity 3 Identify Coordinates in First Quadrant
InterActivity 4 Animation in Quadrant I-IV
InterActivity 5 Graphing in Quadrant I-IV
InterActivity 6 Identify Coordinates in Quadrant I-IV

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Global Cartesian Plane
Brief Interactivities involving understanding the Cartesian plane coordinate system
Grade 4-10    Interactivities can be used from 4th grade level on up
Strand Algebra and Functions / Geometry and Measurement
Standard CA 4MG2.0,CA 4MG2.1, CA 5AF1.4,ACT GR 16-19
Keywords cartesian plane, coordinates, points, grid, x-coordinate, y-coordinate
Comments none
Download GeoGebra is freeware that can be used offline. After installing GeoGebra, go to the InterActivity and select command: File -> Save. If there is no command menu, just double-click on the InterActivity. It will open in a new window with command menu.
Author LFS - contact - website
Type Freeware - Available for Offline and Online Use - Translatable (html)
Use Requires sunJava player


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