Definition: A linear inequality in 1 variable is a linear equation in 1 variable in which the "=" has been replaced by an inequality.

Regulation: The solution set of a linear inequality is an interval on the number line bounded by the point solution of the corresponding linear equation. (This interval includes this point only if inequality includes the equals sign, i.e. is not a strict inequality).
Examples of linear inequalities in 1 variable:   \bbox[border:1px #990000 dotted,1pt]{x>3}    \bbox[border:1px #990000 dotted,1pt]{5x-3 \leq 2}    \bbox[border:1px green dotted,1pt]{3s<-2}
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Goal: Graph an inequality on the number line.

1. Type or paste an inequality in x in the box. Hit Enter. Values on the red arrow makes the inequality "true".

Other examples:  x+3≤5,  2x+1>4,  3>=4x/5-11/5

2. To change the view, click on the Move tool Move Graphics View and then click and drag the number line as desired.

• An open endpoint means NO "=" in the inequality.

3. Find the value of any point under the red arrow. Substitute this value for x into the inequality. The inequality should be "true".

4. Find the value of any point NOT under the red arrow. Substitute this value for x into the inequality. The inequality should be "false".

• To start over, enter a new inequality and hit Enter.

Inequality:     Copy & paste samples: 4>x  -x≥2  1>4+x  3x-4≤2-x  
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