Definition: Given 2 linear equations in 2 unknowns (variables). Finding a solution - that is, values for both variables that make both equations true - is called solving a 2х2 system of linear equations.

Solving Systems of Linear Equations 2x2 - 2 equations in 2 variables - See, Hear & Do

  • Substitution Method
  • Addition Method - Elimination Method

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Global 2x2 System of Equations
Brief Mathcasts and Interactivities to understand and practice solving systems of 2 equations in 2 variables (unknowns).
Grade 7-10    Interactivities start at 8th grade level on up
Strand Algebra; Expressions, Equations and Inequalities
Standard Algebra 1 3.1, Algebra 1 3.2, Algebra 1 3.3, ACT EE 28-32
Keywords system, linear system, variable, unknown, linear equation, elimination, addition, substitution
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Author LFS - contact - website
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