For those of us who hate to read directions...
   Animated image with directions for applet (gif = 290K) - free to download and use



     To download: Right-click on image -> Save Image As



Animated Directions for DST Simulation
Level: 5th grade - Algebra 2 (linear relationships)
Goal: Give animated directions for those of us who hate to read directions.
How to use: Download and use as image for link to DST simulation
Format: Animated Gif (image file)
Size: Repeats: 3 times, Filesize: 290 KB
Requires: nothing - use as regular image file
Offline: Right-click on above image.

Then select "Save Image As" (FF) or "Save Picture As" (IE)
Browse to where you want to save the image and click on Save.

Author: Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska
Comments: Give us your feedback - LFS


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