Some samples ...


This one shows the principal that for a transversal passing through two parallel lines, all corresponding angles are equal.


Finished product is 320x280 and 80KB and lasts ~1min.


This is simplicity itself and produce very small files.
It was made as a Smarttech Notebook (SN) storyboard, the "end" slides were drawn in SN and then cloned as many times as steps and then the objects were erased to make the "progression"...  Recorded with Camtasia Recorder and produced directly to animated gif with Camtasia Studio. (This last part takes 5-8 minutes altogether!)


Coming soon: How-to details, ready-to-use storyboards, ...

Used the English storyboard, translated the 10 words, doing the cloning, progression thing and then the CR recording and CS production - took all of 7 minutes!


Here is a sample storyboard from SN. While recording you simply count and move from one board to the next.


This one show how to do a GeoGebra construction!


It is 122K and is 240x180 and lasts ~1.5 min!


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