Make no mistake - I think GeoGebra fantastic!

Also, many, many of my wishes have ALREADY been granted. But I want more
Wish Priority Current situation Other remarks
Polar Axes Graphics Window 1 Have made a background "starter" User must use "starter" file
Graphing of Polar Functions 1 Have made a polar grapher User must use this file
Extremum of functions 1 With many problems, one can make a TaylorPolynomial and then find the Extremum of it. Must be ggb and math "expert"
View only Spreadsheet 3 Can almost be done Use the spreadsheet as an online recorder
No show object in Spreadsheet 2 Must have an object and object must show, so must leave "placeholders" Cannot leave a blank that works in formula
LaTeX formulas in Spreadsheet 2 should be available in 3.4 Nice for color coding and sizing since normal text only allows one size and one color
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