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Step-by-Step Directions (pdf)

Download: animator_once.js  or  animator_repeat.js  (updated 23.08.2008*)

Changing the animation speed or number of steps.

If you want to change the animation speed or increase/decrease the number of animation steps:

  1. Open file animator_once.js in any text editor (or animator_repeat.js).
  2. On line 20 find: Delay=20; Step=0.01;
  3. Increasing the value of Delay = Slower animation (Delay=20 means 100 animations takes 3 seconds)
  4. Decreasing the value of Step = More animation steps (Step=0.01 means 100 animations)
  5. Save the file.

Now - just so you know - the original animator.js file contains more functions and a way to do sequential animations. I like really step-by-step directions. As I learn more and can explain it step-by-step, I will add to my help. Meanwhile - if you want to try it on your own - there is help here.

This is the non-animated ggb file used in the screencast. Double-click on it to open it your computer and follow along. Our goal is to animate the slider d.

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Get the latest Java Plug-in here.
  • 23 August 2008. My thanks to piman at the ggb forum for noticing that using the ggb refresh button did NOT reset the animator. The js files have been updated.
  • 30 August 2008. Added link to full animator.js file and PvdV page


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