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What's New?
    * Searchable database to ALL GeoGebra resources on Math247      or

   1. Learn and Use GeoGebra - Step-by-Step resources for educators to learn to use GeoGebra!
          * "Try it out" - GeoGebra files to see what can be done and then
          * Mathcasts - audio/video presentations showing exactly what to do plus
          * pdf files with the steps written and illustrated.
   2. Starter Files for GeoGebra - ggb files, scripts and javascript functions so you can make your own exercises
   3. Geometry with GeoGebra - Step-by-Step resources for educators for their students
          * Ready to link exercises for your students or download zips for your own server.
   4. Algebra with GeoGebra
   5. Number Sense with GeoGebra
   6. Trigonometry with GeoGebra
   7. Pre-Calculus with GeoGebra
   8. Calculus with GeoGebra
   9. Activities with GeoGebra - exploring geometry, ..
  10. Physics with GeoGebra - NEW
  11. List of our Favorite Links for GeoGebra


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P.S. We are very interested in developing multilingual interactive resources with GeoGebra. If you live in Europe and are interested in working together and know of international projects available for collaboration between your institution and universities in FYR Macedonia, please feel free to contact us. LFS.

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