It is neither just about "filling the bucket" nor just "lighting the fire" - it is about "making the coffee", that is having the knowledge, skills and motivation to get the whole job done!

  • Some stuff for using technology in mathematics to teach thinking, where stuff = interactivities, mathcasts, good questions, animated images, open-ended discussions, links to other people's good stuff, etc.

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What's an interactivity?
Measurement (K-6)
Slope (6-12)
Physics (College)

Also: Vertical Motion - Expanded and Improved 2009

Tool Discussions
A little screencast about the freeware GeoGebra
 Animated Directions

To view mathcasts you will need the freeware: flashplayer and sunjava player.
To use geogebra interactivities you will need the freeware: sunjava player.
To properly view math notation (jsmath) you will need to install the 6 fonts:

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