20 January 2008

Sloodle Moot Itself

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This will have to be a quicky – Sloodle Moot deserves more, but I haven’t time.

Talk about bad timing – installing Sloodle requires Moodle 1.6 or 1.8 . My server is just now in the process of transitioning to a different platform (I love all this geekese!), which means I can finally upgrade from Moodle 1.5. Unfortunately not in time for the Moot. So consider that I attended the Moot only knowing a bit about Second Life and an old Moodle and no real experience in Sloodle.

Here are my thoughts on the moot and the events and the presentations I attended.

1. Giannina Rossini must be comatose today as well as her fellow Sloodle Moot Supremos. I have never – ever – seen such extraordinary conference organization and in the still rather non-forgiving environment such as SL. And Gia was at every presentation (4+) and every event (2+) I attended.

2. The Sloodle Moot Auditorium

• I liked that it was walled off until the Moot opened. I am sure that this was done for the conjurers benefit, but it added to the fun of the opening.

• A small minus here – I tried practicing the teleport coordinates in the days before the Moot because I knew I would be short of time on a Saturday . It was a bit confusing to try to teleport to places I couldn’t get to.

• I rarely socialize in SL (not very good at this yet), but it was lovely to watch all the partying so thanks for all the fun lighting – the robot was cool!

3. Skylar Peck, New Nexus

• I wasn’t terribly interested in this, but it was the first event on when I got up in the morning (CET – overslept for the Jeremy Kabumpo presentation) and I liked that the voice worked.

4. Edmund Earp, Hacking Moodle

• This was absolutely the coolest presentation I attended. I was so engrossed and engaged that I totally forgot to take pictures. This presentation made the Moot for me.

• It showed a real application of sloodle, i.e. moodle and SL together – the quiz chair.

• We got to make our own and I learned not just how to do that, but also about quizzes in moodle and technical prim making stuff in SL like how to drag scripts from one prim to another.

• BTW – Don’t rotate and object that you plan for people to sit on. I sat on my rotated cone with my head in the sand :)

5. Pedro McMillan, Moodle-SL Interactions

• This was a very fine presentation – I loved the pipelines and how the lit up when you were presenting; please tell us how to do this!

• I don’t know alot of technical stuff, so I didn’t really understand exactly how the flow works, but it was so well presented that I got a good idea of what flows in what order between SL and Moodle – so well worth my attention.

• I must remember to write and ask which flows are for course setup, which for teacher and which for student?

6. Esme Qunhua, Discussion

• I tried and tried to find this in some astro place – the teleport coordinates just wouldn’t work. Then I saw the location had been changed, but by the time I got there, it must have been over. (I was dumb and did not download the updated schedule – basically because I had been given the (old) schedule on a SL notecard and put it into Word which was easy for me to look at and on Sloodle it was only available in xls or pdf – picky me).

7. Jeremy Braver, Educational Games

• This was great fun and the presenter is a whiz at engaging the audience but (a) I didn’t really see how it fit into the Sloodle environment and (b) was dissappointed when I found out the game will be for sale. (I live in a country where even a $10 game is alot of money.)

8. Buddy Sproket, Scripting

• Firstly, this was a very interesting presentation. I liked all the applications; I must admit I didn’t see how they function in Sloodle, but it was information I wanted, it was well presented so that I could follow most of it and I love Buddy’s hair.

• Secondly, I must apologize to Buddy and all of those present – I didn’t realize that my scripts from making prims in the back part of the sandbox would come into the chat window. I thought it would be like Edmund’s quiz chair demo and I am VERY hands-on so I wanted to try as I watched. So please forgive me.

• I have to admit that as we went from scripts in SL to php I got kind of lost. I couldn’t follow how the script in the prim and the php on a server were connected. It is entirely probable that I was not the intended audience profile :) . But I learned alot and saw possibilities so I am very glad I attended!

Oh my gosh – I did not realize that I had actually gone to so many presentations!

Still, I wish I could have gotten to more events.

I had a wonderful time, learned alot and my thanks to all the SUPREMOS and presenters!


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  1. Thank you, Janita,
    for all your kind comments.

    It was great to have you there. I am so pleased you had a good time and found the experience beneficial.

    Thank you for supporting the Sloodle project.


    Comment by Gia Rossini — 23 January 2008 @ 6:38 am

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