16 January 2008

Sloodle – Second Life and Moodle

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Yesterday I attended a sloodle mini-conference. What’s that you say?

Cool beans my friends - and hence I will go to Sloodle Moot starting January 18!

I admit, I wasn’t expecting much. But I enjoy Second Life and I use Moodle in my teaching so off to the mini-conference I went.

Here is what happened …

  • I was at home in my jammies (it went from 12 – 1:30AM CET) in a village in FYR Macedonia, sipping tea (and then the caffeine was duly processed and I was also able to take – hmmm – what is the current euphemism – ah yes – a comfort break).
  • I was present in Second Life in all my 3D glory as Janita Collins (my SL avatar) in the ISTE island auditorium and
    • I was chatting with my co-participants as we arrived and being introduced to new persons, and then
    • I was sitting in a comfy chair, listening to the speakers (yes audio and at a level I could control!), watching a powerpoint presentation, and then
    • I was raising my hand, asking questions and having them answered in real time and then
    • I was picking up virtual handouts, and then
    • I was applauding and waving goodbye at the end.

A actual (better than RL-real life) conference! I was amazed. This is my third SL presentation and SL is really coming along. The audio worked, the powerpoint pages focused in real time, the ISTE auditorium is really cool. The handout boxes worked. Just in SL, I was impressed.

But wait – there’s more …

  • At the same time we were “at” the SL conference, we were Moodling. That is, we had our browsers open and were attending the Moodle course for this mini-conference. So I could
    • study the conference materials
    • look up words that I didn’t know in a online glossary
    • review a powerpoint slide that had gone off the SL screen
    • taking part in a real-time blog with the same participants
    • and all this without anybody seeing that I wasn’t actually riveted to the speaker (oh sorry, I am always getting in trouble for this at a RL conference!)

I didn’t understand it all – but what I saw was actual potential for actual use. My kind of technology in education.

Now, I am truly looking forward to the Sloodle Moot!

My thanks for great presentation to: Gia and Buddy and KJ and see you soon!


My thanks to Esme Qunhua and Entropy Hax for the wonderful SL tours from SLolar -> Gia ->Sloodle -> SloodleMoot!

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