31 March 2008

Algebra II – The Key to Success?

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The report: The Final Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel highlights this comment:

“Students who complete Algebra II are more than twice as likely to graduate from college compared to students with less mathematical preparation.”

Oh my.

What other subject gives this statistic?

What is about Algebra II that gives this result?

I also ask.

How many of us pay “double taxes” for mathematics education for our children?
Taxed once for schools and again for tutoring. I do.

Again from this report:

Moreover, there are large, persistent disparities in mathematics achievement related to race and income—disparities that are not only devastating for individuals and families but also project poorly for the nation’s future, given the youthfulness and high growth rates of the largest minority populations.

And this is true where I live too – not just in the US. So I bet it is true in many, many places.

Now – what are the answers to these questions and what do we do to change the situation?


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