Parallelogram - 1
Construct a Parallelogram - 2 sides & angle

1. Generate dimensions:   

2. Make base of parallelogram.

• Click on Seg-Length , on A and type in base number.

3.Construct the given angle with the base.

• Click on Angle-Size , on B, and on A and type in angle.

• Click on line2pt , on A, and on C to get the left line.

4. Find upper left vertex

• Click on Circle_rad , on A and type in side number.

5. Draw the other 2 sides.

• Click on parallel "Parallel line" icon.

• Click on point C, then on line AB.

• Click on point B, then on line AE.

6. 4th vertex.

• Click on Intersect on top line, then on right side.

7. Close your parallelogram AEFB.

• Click on Segment. Click on A and E. Click on E and then F.
Click on F and then B.

8. Clean up unnecessary objects

• Right-click and deselect "Show object".

9. Note: we can find perimeter but not area.

10. Play with parallelogram.

• Click and drag A or B.

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