Lines and Slopes 2                           

1. Generate a line

• Click on New Line.    

• Click on the Move Drawing Pad icon MoveDP if you don't see the line properly Smiley! Then click anywhere by the line and drag it into a position you want.

2. Choose 2 points on the line. Look for 2 points on the grid. Move the Drawing Pad again if necessary.

• Click on the Point icon. Point

• Click on the line to get point A on the line.

• Click on the line again to get point B on the line.

• Click on Check Points.    

3. Find the coordinates of A and B.

• Write these down.

4. Find the slope of the line.

• Find the change in the y-values: Δy = y(B)-y(A).

• Find the change in the x-values: Δx = x(B)-x(A).

• Finally, find the slope: Δy / Δx.

5. Check your answer!

• Type the slope of the line in the box below as as a fraction a/b or as a decimal rounded to 2 decimals.

• Then click on Check Answer.

  Slope of the line is: 

• Click on Reset Reset in top right corner to start over.

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