Inequalities with GeoGebra - Intervals on the Number Line

User interacts in a variety of ways with inequalities and then checks answer !

Description inequality
Type in an inequality and then graph it.
From the graph on the number line, determine the correct inequality symbol to match the graph
Given an inequality, find the endpoint of the interval, the point type and arrow direction. .
Type in 2 inequalities and then graph them. Gives resulting interval of intersection.

Meta Data Application Data
Grade Level 7th and up Author LFS - contact - website
Math Strand Algebra and Functions AF at Math247 Type Free - online & download with instructions:
totally offlinezip & school (GeoGebra webstart) zip
Math Standard Algebra & Functions 7 4.1   ACT EE 24-37  
ACT GR 24-27
Use Requires sunJava player
Keywords inequality, number line, 1 variable, interval, algebra, dynamic, freeware, applet, offline, online