Linear Inequalities with GeoGebra - Regions in the Plane

User interacts in a variety of ways with linear inequalities and then checks answer !

Description inequality
Type in 1 linear inequality and then graph it.
Given the graph of a linear inequality and the equation of the line - insert the correct inequality to match the graph
Given a linear inequality, plot 2 points on the line, choose the line type and corner to shade.
Type in 2 linear inequalities and then graph them.

Meta Data Application Data
Grade Level 8th and up Author LFS - contact - website
Math Strand Algebra 1 Type Free - online & download with instructions:
totally offline zip & school (GeoGebra webstart) zip
Math Standard

Algebra 1 2.2   CA Algebra 2 2.0  
ACT GR 28-32   ACT GR 33-36

Use Requires sunJava player
Keywords lines, linear inequation, inequality, shading, systems