Linear Inequalities in the Plane - 4                                                            

Goal: Understand graph of 2 inequalities in the plane.

1. In the input boxes below, type or paste in inequalities in 2 variables x and y. Hit Enter and view the resulting region in the plane.
* You can type <= for  and  >= for .

Linear Inequality 1:  

Linear Inequality 2:  

(Samples: 3x+2y>=1, y>4x/5-11/5, 0.2x-0.5y≤2, ...)

2. To change the view, click on the Move tool Move Graphics View and then click and drag the graph as desired.

• Note whether the line is solid or dashed depends on whether "equality" is included in the inequality.

3. Find the coordinates of any point in the purple shaded region and substitute its coordinates into the inequalities. Both should be "true".

4. Find the coordinates of any point in the white region. Substituting - both inequalities should be "false".

5. Solve the cooresponding system of equations for the intersection point. Select "Show Intersection" to check your result.

• To start over, enter a new inequality and hit Enter.
• To remove an inequality erase input and hit Enter.

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