Linear Inequalities in the Plane - 2                    

Goal: Given a linear inequality, find 2 points on the line, the line type and the correct shaded corner.

1. Generate a new linear inequality.

• Click on New Inequality   

2. Find 2 grid points on this line.

• What kind of line should you draw?

• What side of the line should you shade?

3. Check your answer!

• Use the point tool Point and create the 2 grid points.
(Use the select tool select and click & drag to move a point.)

• From the boxes below, choose line type and corner to shade (choose diagonally opposite to line).

Line type:

Shade Corner:

Click on Check Answer:

(If you see an error, move points or change choices in boxes and click Check Answer again.)

4. My answer is still wrong:

• Click on New Inequality for a new problem.

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